Men’s 2013 S/S Trends – Footwear

UNDER OMINOUS SKIES, AT A POOL PARTY, LAST SATURDAY, we found ourselves discussing – or trying to convince – some fellow guests about the ... read more »

Spring/Summer 2013 – Alexis Barrell

We love discovering new designers (and sharing them with you!) and it seems that summer has given us quite a few to help us fill our closets for those... read more »

Zara’s May Lookbook

It’s no secret by now that we love everything Zara-related. Great styles (almost fresh-off-the-runways!) available to us at affordable prices ... read more »

Men’s 2013 S/S Trends – Looks

Just like the colors and prints this season. It’s all good baby, seriously. It’s basically about owning your look. But given these spring/... read more »

Spring/Summer 2013 – Acne

With warm weather just around the corner (yes, yes, it’s coming… Mother Nature’s just playing with our patience!), we’ve been ... read more »

Men’s 2013 S/S Trends – Prints

SO WE’RE SITTING ‘ROUND AN ‘OL FASHIONED LOOKING MAD MEN as shit and he drops the question on us: “Brah, so like what the fuck... read more »

Spring/Summer 2013 – Stella Jean

THERE ARE MOMENTS WE COME ACROSS IMAGES THAT LEAVE US staring.  Colours that grab our attention, that bring us elsewhere, that lead us to think, feel... read more »

Men’s 2013 S/S Trends – Colors

We woke to Orange skies above Yellow seas. Our Brown hearts heard the call of the Pink horizon. We dashed off the cliff and flew the Bluest flight o... read more »

We’re Laughing with Agi & Sam’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

SOME TAKE FASHION SERIOUSLY, OTHERS HAVE FUN WITH IT even making it slightly comical.  We came across this spring/summer 2013 line by designers Agape... read more »

Lacoste Shows Us How to Wear White

If you’re like us you grew up with the Lacoste brand.  Having the image of preppy, when we used (note the past tense) to think of the brand we’d ... read more »

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