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  • Resort 2018 – Prada

    HE HAD ENGRAVED IT IN AU79 BUT NEVER GOT THE CHANCE OF OFFERING IT TO HER. He walked in, lowered down by the culprit crowd that would later make him f... read more »1

    Fall 2017 – Saint Laurent

    Gleam, glitter, sparkle baby, twinkle and wink, glimmer and glint, shimmer, glisten, flash, flicker and glister; shine like a diamond, shine on you cr... read more »0

    Fall 2017 Menswear – Giorgio Armani

    BLACK & FUR, VELVET & BLUE; Can you dig it? Or is it diggin’ on you? When we think of GA fashion, we think of soft and loose (momma jo... read more »2

    Slip It In

    “OH, HO THE MISTLETOE  Hung where you can see Somebody waits for you Kiss her once for me”- John D. Marks Also known as “part of o... read more »fur-loafers-3

    Spring/Summer 2017 – Saint Laurent

    PART ANTHONY, PART HEDI. ALL YVES. BRAVO. “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”- Rick Blaine #boyfriendjeans ... read more »11

    Spring 2017 RTW – Rosetta Getty

    SEXY, SMART GIRLS ooze it not through their gorgeous curves. Well… maybe a little shoulder here and there… Photography Source: Vogu... read more »09-rosetta-getty-spring-2017-rtw

    Spring 2017 Menswear – Vetements

    “JUICY COUTURE” ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING NOW. “The people who work at Vetements don’t really wear designer fashion—a lot of these a... read more »1

    Resort 2017 – Marc Jacobs

    FRESH OFF HIS WIN AT THE CFDA AWARDS, MARC JACOBS presented his latest collection. Swimming in kitsch is his thing. And bringing back – what som... read more »1

    Camel Toes

    BRÛLER LA CHANDELLE PAR LES DEUX BOUTS. Suede. Or, how we stopped worrying about how futilely hard it is to upkeep such a beautiful, luxurious and da... read more »1

    Fall/Winter 2016 – Alexander McQueen

    “… SLEEPWALKING, IN A STATE WHERE REALITY AND DREAMS BECOME BLURRED.” – Sarah Burton Lee came home once again, with his ‘... read more »1

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