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  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas à la WKF

    LAST MINUTE SHOPPING ARE WE?  DON’T YOU WORRY we’ve got you covered!  We at WKF swear by the concept that it’s not the dollar amou... read more »

    Christopher Kane x Swarovski

    The ever so prolific British designer has added yet another collaboration with a fashion house. This time with the world renowned jewellers at Swarovs... read more »

    We Love – Comfortable Lounge/Sleep Wear

    Though nothing says sex & ease like frolicking around your place in undies and a tee. Sometimes staying in lingerie the entire day is the only way... read more »

    A Girl and Guy’s Take On Valentine’s Day

    We’re keeping it simple; what goes on in the minds of women and men on a day like today.  When the pressure to prove your love is on, to hopefully ... read more »

    We Love – Elsa Peretti’s Snake Necklace for Tiffany & Co.

    According to the Chinese calendar, we’re entering the year of the snake.  Thought to bring good omens, you’ll want to surround yourself with this... read more »

    Everyone Needs a Travel Companion

    We found ourselves holiday shopping when all of a sudden, like jewels forgotten in a closet, we were re-connected with some of Hermes’ pretty little... read more »

    WKF’s Ho!Ho!Holiday Contest Day 13

    Today is a bitter sweet day.  As at 11:59pm (EST) tonight, it marks the end of our Ho!Ho!Holiday Contest yet at the same time we can’t wait to ... read more »

    We Love, Earrings

    We love a pair of glittery earrings that simply make a look.  With every turn of the head you will surely attract attention in any one of these.  Wi... read more »

    WKF’s Ho!Ho!Holiday Contest! Day 12

    Planning on going holiday shopping today?  Prepare yourself as the crowds will be crazy!  Before heading out, to remain focused, we highly suggest a... read more »

    WKF’s Ho!Ho!Holiday Contest! Day 11

    It’s friday!  Not only does that mean the end of a work week, but it also means only 2 more days until our Ho!Ho!Holiday contest comes to an en... read more »

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