WKF & Co. – Corno

A DRAMATIC, BOLD MOVEMENT. An expression of sex, lust and sensuality. The explosion of colours; but a veil to the infinite sadness, the constant lonel... read more »180_FemaleTorsowithRed

WKF & Co. – Chapter VII

YET LOVE IS A WITNESS, ISN’T IT? HE SEES HER AND SHE SEES HIM. THOUGH that was certainly a fact, it was one that felt, at best, temporal and ske... read more »FullSizeRender

WKF & CO. – 3Diptyque

ABOUT OUR WORTHLESS ART; We are easy to influence and to imitate, yet impossible to conjure. This was always you.   #red&blue #divein2thelayers ... read more »FullSizeRender-3

WKF & Co. – Untitled

FOR HOURS. They danced perfectly in sync. All eyes in awe. Like it was rehearsed. They forgot about it. And never lived such a moment again. Until now... read more »sparkly panties


BLACK FRIDAY IS CALLING AND AS we’re about to get sworn in by the entire fury of it all, let us make a promise: to buy items that are different and ... read more »0000258_inonover_530

WKF & Co – Happy Halloween!

FOR THOSE THAT ARE NOT IN THE MOOD in planning a full on costume, consider face makeup.  It’s amazing how it can completely make a look… an eerie... read more »18-halloween-makeup-pinterest-tutorial

WKF & Co. – Brigitte

BRIGITTE! A BOUCHE QUE VEUX-TU, J’SAIS PAS. French slinky sex-vixens mixing disco, funk, pop, chanson française with exotic middle eastern and ... read more »FullSizeRender

WKF & Co. – Untitled

Light and free as air, Yet more noticeable, A travelling soul, for all to gaze upon, This mind that is mine; Beware the storm stirring within its clou... read more »nuages

WKF & Co. – Untitled

REMEMBER, just now, where we stood? We were bold in our choices. Like none other. And it was apparent. For all to see. And sincere humility crippled u... read more »photo.PNG

WKF & Co. – The Duke of Burgundy

LOVE, because you live in this world, see; its colours are orange & yellow. And then, snap. You live in a blue world. Did you stop seeing us for w... read more »TDOB

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