WKF & Co. – Nos Souvenirs

MEMORIES ARE NEVER LOST; images fade, still, feelings remain. We remember with our completely biased oft -golden hued- sentiments. Think about it, why... read more »Phantom_Thread

WKF & Co. – Rest

W/MOI. « go back... read more »FullSizeRender 4

WKF & Co. – A Vast Yet Quaint Emptiness

He started working on The Painting many years ago. He never left it more than a couple of weeks without giving it his undivided attention. And as the ... read more »FullSizeRender-3

WKF & Co. – No Pants

“I GET ALONG WITHOUT YOU VERY WELL, OF COURSE I DO…”- NINA       #impressionisticphotography #akatesbobettestevont... read more »FullSizeRender 3

WKF & Co. – Words Matter

LIKE A NEW BORN ANCIENT & BRILLIANT STAR, IN A GRAINY, HAZY WORLD; I STILL ONLY C U.       « go back... read more »FullSizeRender-2

WKF & Co. – A Constant Force Of Nature

TU ES UN DÉSASTRE, oui, comme ci et comme ça, Et pourtant tu es d’un ordre, d’une comprehension de ton maintenant, inouïe, Et tes bras ... read more »John_William_Waterhouse_-_The_Lady_of_Shalott_-_Google_Art_Project_edit

WKF & Co. – In Residence

POETIC & UNDERSTATED. Emile Rafael captures architect and industrial designer Knud Holscher’s minimal brick-built house 25 miles north of Copenh... read more »NOWNESS-KNUD-STILL-1-600x337

WKF & Co. – Corno

A DRAMATIC, BOLD MOVEMENT. An expression of sex, lust and sensuality. The explosion of colours; but a veil to the infinite sadness, the constant lonel... read more »180_FemaleTorsowithRed

WKF & Co. – Chapter VII

YET LOVE IS A WITNESS, ISN’T IT? HE SEES HER AND SHE SEES HIM. THOUGH that was certainly a fact, it was one that felt, at best, temporal and ske... read more »FullSizeRender

WKF & CO. – 3Diptyque

ABOUT OUR WORTHLESS ART; We are easy to influence and to imitate, yet impossible to conjure. This was always you.   #red&blue #divein2thelayers ... read more »FullSizeRender-3

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