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  • A Good Belting

    STRAPPED; HEAD ON. Make sure you forget about preconceived ideas vis-à-vis “where” to fasten it. #montelljordanmoment   &la... read more »belt

    Oh, The Beach Is Back

    NOTHING BEATS A TROPICAL THUNDER. Stylish beach bags are hard to come by so when we came across these created by design consultant Cecilia Pirani we f... read more »ceciliapirani

    Men’s Spring Trends – Double Down Baby

    AS SPRING EVER SO (SEEMINGLY!) SLOWLY FIGHTS ITS WAY OVER MOTHER NATURE’S BODY, we turn and recall what to look for in the coming months. We tho... read more »gucci scarf

    FW/2016 – Prada

    DOUBLE UP! Accessories and layer wise. Let loose! Go dishevelled, no matter how counter intuitive. MiuMiu knows. You are sexy baby. #yourleatherbagnee... read more »1

    The Summer Sunglasses

    WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU’VE SEEN IT ALL. Dior says; you’ve seen nothing ’till you sport these babies. Will you split it pink, silver o... read more »campagne_zoom6jpg


    FOR THOSE WHO MAY NOT HAVE NOTICED (… hint hint.. look to the right under ‘Partnership’), we have hooked up with a new and exciting brand – Ki... read more »BSWaellogoSIDEJPEG

    Chokingly Gorgeous

    IF YOU WOULD ASK US WHAT WE FIND the sexiest part on a woman, we’d proclaim the collar bone and neck.  Something about its simple lines that ge... read more »balmain_jpg_8099_north_499x_white

    Eskimo Warm

    GET READY FOR IT, YOU KNOW IT, February is usually the coldest month this side of the world. Embrace it by wearing fur. REAL, gorgeous, luxurious fur!... read more »Fur Hat

    Bling Technology

    WE’RE OFFICIALLY CONNECTED.  We have to confess – some of us were late in getting an iPhone (Blackbewhat?!).  We thought we could do without it ... read more »daybreak-pink-chalcedony-01-hand

    Eyes Wide Open

    THE SEARCH OF THE RIGHT PAIR OF FRAMES.  We often come across friends asking for advice on glasses and finding a pair that is ‘just about right’ ... read more »gucci-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-01a

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