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    MODERN HEIRLOOMS. When you retrouvai your loved one this Christmas, start your own personal tradition… « go back... read more »Retrouvai Retrouvai2 Retrouvai3 Retrouvai4 Retrouvai5 Retrouvai6

    A Statement Piece

    We were flipping through the latest issue of Vogue magazine and wow… what a piece surely to have – take a close look at the model’s ... read more »Gucci-Cruise-2017-Campaign11

    Sara Robertson Jewellery

    SILK, CIRCLES AND SIGNS, from a purist‘s perspective.   « go back... read more »sararobertsson2

    Vitaly Design

    A MODERN, POST-GOTHIC IDEA ABOUT TRIBAL BRUTALISM IN A BLACK AND WHITE MINIMAL WORLD. That you can wear. « go back... read more »Lega-MB-2-Vitaly_93ff8a9d-50f3-40aa-a549-cd6bdb06ec68_grande

    Magic Hands

    OUR HANDS TELL OUR STORIES. The lines, the veins reveal the past, the present and of course, the future. They also tell our tales of love and experien... read more »magichands1

    Hot Arm Bling

    YOU CAN “DO IT YOURSELF”. YES! YOU CAN! Mix it up. Make sure it means something to you and most importantly, make sure you never EVER take... read more »Braided String Bacelets

    Chokingly Gorgeous

    IF YOU WOULD ASK US WHAT WE FIND the sexiest part on a woman, we’d proclaim the collar bone and neck.  Something about its simple lines that ge... read more »balmain_jpg_8099_north_499x_white

    Bling Technology

    WE’RE OFFICIALLY CONNECTED.  We have to confess – some of us were late in getting an iPhone (Blackbewhat?!).  We thought we could do without it ... read more »daybreak-pink-chalcedony-01-hand

    Just Hangin’

    NOTHING WILL FEEL MORE SEXY THAN HAVING jewellery touch your skin. Nothing?! Weeell… To have a necklace wrapped around your neck, placed inside ... read more »11127212_658361820967981_265686193_n_grande Haati_Chai_Amil_Body_Chain_Marz_grande Haati_Chai_Hera_body_chain__small_grande HAATICHAI_01131510961-WEB_grande IMG_9222_grande

    It’s Time to Accessorize

    GENTS WE’RE FEELING LIKE YOU NEED INSPIRATION when it comes to accessorizing your look.  Your lady counterparts have excelled even indulged yet you... read more »69cd506b5325dd8669924494cd309cc4

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