The Strength of Utilitarianism

OUR MIND WAS CLEAR and yet strange enough as time passed it became fuzzy.  We soon found our self lost; not really seeing the difference between each... read more »Dior-FallWinter-2017-Ad-Campaign-1


MODERN HEIRLOOMS. When you retrouvai your loved one this Christmas, start your own personal tradition… « go back... read more »Retrouvai Retrouvai2 Retrouvai3 Retrouvai4 Retrouvai5 Retrouvai6

A Statement Piece

We were flipping through the latest issue of Vogue magazine and wow… what a piece surely to have – take a close look at the model’s ... read more »Gucci-Cruise-2017-Campaign11

Sara Robertson Jewellery

SILK, CIRCLES AND SIGNS, from a purist‘s perspective.   « go back... read more »sararobertsson2

A Whole New Level

BIG, BIGGER, BIGGEST. Better.   « go back... read more »_ARC0029

Back To The Future

SOMETIMES VERY BOLD is hard to sport; leave it to Rihanna & Dior, of course, to present you with the opportunity to create your own (yup!) ‘... read more »rhianna-dior-star-trek-sunglasses

Vitaly Design

A MODERN, POST-GOTHIC IDEA ABOUT TRIBAL BRUTALISM IN A BLACK AND WHITE MINIMAL WORLD. That you can wear. « go back... read more »Lega-MB-2-Vitaly_93ff8a9d-50f3-40aa-a549-cd6bdb06ec68_grande

Magic Hands

OUR HANDS TELL OUR STORIES. The lines, the veins reveal the past, the present and of course, the future. They also tell our tales of love and experien... read more »magichands1

Shaina Mote Swimwear

LOS ANGELES. CITY OF ANGELS. City of bland architecture and many different cultural clashes. It is also the place where dreams come to die if only in ... read more »Shaina Mote Swimwear7

Oh Sailor! – Prada’s “Hat”

COME SAIL AWAY, COME SAIL AWAY, COME SAIL AWAY WITH… IN CASE WE WERE NOT CLEAR THEN, LET us remind you of the go-to hat for the upcoming season... read more »5-prada-ten-things

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