MEMORIES ARE NEVER LOST; images fade, still, feelings remain.

We remember with our completely biased oft -golden hued- sentiments. Think about it, why do we all look up to the stars, usually in wonder, awe, hope and nostalgia? Our very existence and importance, thereof, are immediately put in relative perspective.¬†From the Instagram snaps of your kid’s spaghettis, to the mind expanding ones from Hubble, via the first picture you ever saw of earth.

We do come from them… The stars.

It’s like sitting across the street from your own front door and admiring your home. Except we do this everytime we walk up and open a window or sit on a hill or beach and look beyond the horizon, sometimes admittedly, sometimes not.

As for the sick? They remember all too well with their hearts.

So we say, memories are never lost; images fade, still, feelings remain.



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