WORK LIFE BALANCE, the endless question and goal that everyone seems to be fighting for.  We recently asked the question to a top executive of a public company and in return received ‘it’s about choice – you either choose to be an Olympic athlete and make work your life or you choose to be average and you give life it’s space’.  Hearing the reply we did not like the answer.  We were left disappointed and frustrated.  Is that is?  Could that really be it?  To be successful one has to choose it and give up living?

Thinking about it we put it into perspective.  The executive in question failed to point out that he did have a spouse that supported him from the beginning allowing him the space to do nothing but focus on his gold medal.  He also failed to point out that he had two grown children that no longer lived with him but at some point were part of his focus in life.  In my view he failed in communicating THE most important point; yes, it is about choice and yes it is like choosing to be an Olympic athlete but like an Olympic athlete one has to pace themselves.  The Olympics come every 4 years and during those four years though training takes up most of a person’s schedule the off training time is just as important.  In fact, we would think the off training time is probably more important as it is during that time that one has to calm their body and their mind allowing them the strength to return.  An Olympic athlete is also well surrounded by trainers, family and friends that understand and support the lifestyle they have chosen; it becomes a win for the entire group and not just the person on the podium.

And so, we have decided; we will reach the podium though we’ll do it with grace, a lot of determination and sacrifice but a sprinkle of life along the way.  To help us we have decided to take up acupuncture that really… what an ancient yet very relevant practice to bring inner piece.

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