IT HAD BEEN YEARS.  Traveling to New York became like a second home.  As we would enter the city it was an instinctive feeling that we belonged no where else but there.   ‘Tell me we’ll live there one day.  Tell me it’ll be us one day.  Tell me we’ll take the risk.’  We hoped.

And after all those years, it was a rainy day; cold and damp and for the first time we came across large rats, three of them to be exact in a radius of one block, oh and may we add two cockroaches. You gotta love the LES…

Has the city gotten dirtier over time?  Have we gotten so accustom that instead of looking up we’re now stuck on the details?  We ended our walk early and wanted nothing more than to return to our room.  And just like that a silly moment in time got us questioning our dreams and where we really belong.

In the meantime, however we stocked up on plaid shirts.  Can a person have too many?  Because really, each print, each color, each line is so different; one from the other, so don’t be fooled, it may all look the same but look close enough and it’s all in the details…

Do you wanna be understood?

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