PROTEIN INTAKE – we find ourselves confused.

You see it’s been several years since we starting putting more of a focus on exercise.  It first started with our obsession of remaining thin as age was taking over us, it then became about gaining energy as fatigue took over us and now we’re becoming obsessed with the ‘ideal’ body.  And in the ‘ideal’ body we mean the right set of curves, lean legs and arms, a flat stomach at all times and a nice plump booty.  What started in wanting to maintain the twiggy look has now become the need to be a Kardashian (… imagine, we said it; they’ve established a new barometer of health/sex-appeal)!

So we wake up 5 days a week every morning at the crack of dawn, spend 45 minutes sweating it out and seeing our body taking shape before our eyes.   But now, the new obsession – protein.  Everyone seems to be doing it in some shape or form – from smoothies, to powder, to real food intake.  They’re claiming it will maintain a healthy appetite all the while firming your muscles even more.  What a challenge… how we’ve now upped the standards!  The more plump the better! Have you jumped on board?  We’re finding ourselves starting to get influenced and seeking information on the type, quantity and best way to take in this new source.

In the mean time however we got distracted over the new Adidas x Stella McCartney collection.  At minimum let ourselves look good as we try for that never ending ‘idea’ body form.

01-adidas-stella-mccartney-fall-17 02-adidas-stella-mccartney-fall-17 03-adidas-stella-mccartney-fall-17 04-adidas-stella-mccartney-fall-17 05-adidas-stella-mccartney-fall-17 07-adidas-stella-mccartney-fall-17

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