MUSIC WAS A SOURCE OF COMFORT.  A life that was often spent alone, songs were there to keep them company; the voice, the words, the emotions ; life.

And every so often as a tune came on they felt their bodies move.   Arms would rise, heads would tilt back and there it went… taken away in it all, by life. They were in fact living, in that moment like everyone else and mainly by themselves.

Dress; keeping in mind you should always be comfortable enough to dance. When that song of yours comes on you should be ready at any given time to move… because really… that’s life.

We have recently come across a new collection that touches the essence of movement.  Rennes; formed in 2008, a design studio that is produced in Massachusetts by skilled artisans.  We’re enjoying the touch of detail versus the mass production that we have so easily come to accept when it comes to clothing.  This collection brings a breath of fresh air.









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