GROWING UP she was an awkward bony girl that took more interest in following her brother along than taking makeup lessons from her older sister.  She loved nature, gravitated towards animals more so than humans and didn’t pay much attention to looks other than having been told by others that she was beautiful. To this day she has limited herself to bare mascara, a little lipstick and a dab of powder.  She paints her nails every so often as she’s noticed it grabs the attention of those around considering her attire is FAR from being sexy but instead eclectic.

But you see, she just doesn’t know how to do it any other way.

She expresses very little emotion though her choice of clothes speaks louder than any word.  She feels her way through her closet and because of that she carries her look with ease… and because of that she has gained the respect of those around – they consider her a fashionista yet she finds herself confused as in her mind she is NOTHING but authentic; simply being.

Gucci has for a while re-gained our attention as Alessandro Michele designs not caring about the rules of fashion but instead on the essence of pleasure.  His collection is a dream that leaves everyone trying to figure out how to be a part of.  He has shown that everyone deserves to shine… be it you’re a woman or a man.

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