OUR MIND WAS CLEAR and yet strange enough as time passed it became fuzzy.  We soon found our self lost; not really seeing the difference between each day that started and that which ended.   Reality had it that we were perceived to be too young for our next career move yet dipping over the edge of being too old for child bearing.  So as a woman… now what?  How does one remain inspired when society seems to control when and how one’s life is to be lived?

We’re still searching; we’re still like a new born waking and in the mean time we aimlessly pass time.

It had been a while since we sat and got our mind to focus on a fashion magazine.  Today we actually had the patience; it took the turn of the second page and voila a return of the beret hat by Dior but with a modern twist of leather.

And that’s how it’s done – moving forward, keeping it fresh, looking to the past but remaining open for what’s to come.




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