LOS ANGELES. CITY OF ANGELS. City of bland architecture and many different cultural clashes. It is also the place where dreams come to die if only in Hollywood. Or because of its gridlock traffic. We used to hate it, honestly. Then, recently, we went back and saw it from another perspective. It has some of the most gorgeous modernist homes this world has produced. And there’s an incredible music scene as well as a healthy lifestyle by and large. But while we’re on production, many great films brought us dreamy images to last a lifetime and handmade US production of goods and apparel is also due to its many different cultures meshing well together.

From all of it comes this brand that believes in investing into its local economy by way of domestic garment manufacturing. Sourcing mostly from American mills, Shaina Mote uses natural eco-friendly textiles such as wool, rayon, tencel, micromodal and denim. We likey.

Finally the clothes. The collection is meant to build the core of your wardrobe through timeless staples and classic silhouettes for the modern, distinctive woman. With superior construction and exceptional fits, the line is mostly offered in black and white or neutrals adding to its lasting relevance. Have you seen if only, the swimsuits?! Oohlala…

Did we say we like? We love.

Shaina Mote Swimwear7

Shaina Mote Swimwear6

Shaina Mote Swimwear5

Shaina Mote Swimwear4

Shaina Mote Swimwear3

Shaina Mote Swimwear2

Shaina Mote Swimwear


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