WE ALWAYS SUCKED AT SPORTS. ALL OF THEM. WELL, we were kinda good at running… Man. Oh! Oh! And Croquet! So obviously there’s no surprise that track pants and a tank top is not our “go to” daily attire. Still, we remember our siblings basking into the sporty trend, which in reality, has always been around.

So it comes with no surprise, dear reader, that we’ve always had a (almost perverse secret) love for what is seemingly not in our fashion DNA. Makes sense really, given we at WKF, don’t believe in any taboos regardless of the topic. Let alone¬†Fashion.

Below, look at these guys, can they be any koola? Hard to beat.

So here’s to ALL OF YOU OUT THERE that wear active street wear and rock it with swag and sex appeal, we tip our (top) hats to y’all.








source: Stylist France



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