AS SPRING EVER SO (SEEMINGLY!) SLOWLY FIGHTS ITS WAY OVER MOTHER NATURE’S BODY, we turn and recall what to look for in the coming months. We thought we’d start with the gents, for a change, though, really, men, women, bah to the fashionably inclined, does it even matter?

Scarves, as long and varied as your heart pleases as well as all things fruity and botanical are in this SS16. So we figured what better way to capture these two trends than by combining them! Clever WKF… Very clever indeed. We stumbled on ze one accessory you should put your hands on this season that will make you not only so in l’air du temps but something you’ll be able to wear for years, and even pass it on. Because fashion is all about generosity, right?! Right…

So without further ado we give you the Gucci floral scarf!


 gucci scarf

guch scrf


Here are some more scarfy and fruity inspirations for ya!







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