GET READY FOR IT, YOU KNOW IT, February is usually the coldest month this side of the world.

Embrace it by wearing fur. REAL, gorgeous, luxurious fur!

Heck! Might as well go full on crazy fur wild! And for ALL the vegan anti-fur, pro-animal activists, please write us a note on how a sustainable, local, eco-friendly (for the animals and their habitat) by-industry is worse or less humane than say, creating non-biodegradable, energy voracious giant carbon foot-printed fake fur?

Look, we love our cats, but if they died, why wouldn’t we use their gorgeous furs to give them a second life, right around our necks? We’re sure if they could speak; they would agree and sign on the dotted line for posthumous furry donations.


Fur Hat

Fur Hat2

Fur Hat3

Fur Hat4

Fur Hat5

Fur Hat6

Fur Hat7

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