WE’RE OFFICIALLY CONNECTED.  We have to confess – some of us were late in getting an iPhone (Blackbewhat?!).  We thought we could do without it as we doubted its benefits to our lives.  But, as we took that (quantum!) leap we have instead become obsessed.  We no longer find ourselves watching television, magazine flipping’ has become difficult and forget sitting at a table and holding a conversation for more than (half!) an hour without getting the itch to glance – scanning texts, emails and social media accounts.  We’re admitting it – we are FULLY dependent on our smart, fruity phone and its ability to bring us to endless parts of the world. Less than ten years ago, this paragraph was basically sci-fi…

We have found a solution to our neurosis; wearable technology in the form of a Ringly.  Such a darn pretty little jewel that is connected to our phone and vibrates (Ouu! Jiggly buzz!) and shines (a small LED light glows different colours based on your personalization, you know for those dark, loud moments) with each programmed app we chose.  Instead of rudely looking away and gravitating constantly towards our phone we’re now able to leave it off the table (that’s right!) and instead focus more on the moment.

Our Ringly tells us, one cool quiver or shiny wink at a time that we got, say, a call from him or a text from her. And no one is the wiser!







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