IT’S PERSONAL. From that point of view. Yet it was one of a kind. So many dissapointments. So often they were right. This year.

So many realizations. Wow, how wrong is our world? The ego man… the ego. It’s not our fault if they don’t change their minds.

With time, some faces start looking foreign, voir alien and some, more and more gorgeous. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so forth. But what can we say, what can we do? It is what the Universe wants it to be. Faaack! Actually, it’s always a relief. To see you again…

There are more humans that have been displaced than born citizens of the same land; we are in shift, in constant flux. Today is the 25th here on the western hemisphere. It’s xmas. So, wherever you are and wherever you hope to go, just remember; I wanted you to feel the same.

Yet really, in the end, the one with the best taste in music is often your ultimate lover, isn’t (s)he? The creative one; just like you and it’s not difficult being together; the answer to “what will give?” is obvious from the get go. Brap. Just like that. Still, the realization is a whopper to wrap your mind around. Because we are all just a rock, a geological oddity floating like Gibraltar waiting for its purpose. Your time has not gone to waste. It is a series of “envelopes” that you’ve sent out and some may be lost at sea and some will be captured and withheld forever. And grow accordingly. And hopefully shut your mouth now and then, ya know? So sit back, read up, tune in and mimz away, it’s the holidays once again. And this is your soundtrack no matter how far you travel on earth or in your mind.

Musically speaking, we’ve been quite quiet. ’tis the season, isn’t it?






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