FASHION FILMS OR MORE LIKE FASHION AND FILMS are two worlds that collide supremely well with one another. Let alone when the house is the one Miuccia built; only the most notable, trailblazing film collaborators will have the opportunity to work on what we consider the perfect work of art. Always short, sweet and absolutely gorgeous to watch.

From the Candy L’Eau series, to the video in action where the camera was turned on us, to the Wes Anderson Italian reverie to name just a few; Prada is not new to this format. Heck, we’d argue it’s Mrs. P and her crew that really pushed before the rest, the concept of different art forms underlining its own fashion outings. And by doing so, curating a window of opportunity for so many more talented artists to express their work in different ways and venues. We truly welcome the approach.

Now, we get a series of 3 (out of seemingly 5, we’ll keep you posted!) short films entitled The Postman, The Makeout and The Battlefield, written and directed by the amazing Autumn de Wilde, which revolve around Prada’s iconic Galleria bag, as well as an affable Chaplin-esque postman. He dreams, you see. And his dreams are surreal whimsical worlds that make you dream just as well. Or at the very least want the bag. Speaking of which, the latter gets caressed, ransacked, even cut in half! Gulp!

All three vids, which you can watch below, clock in at less than 5 minutes. We have our favourite…



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