IT’S ALL ABOUT CHOICE.  With its newest release, Adidas Originals and Pharell. One stripe. Have spoiled us with their Adidas Superstar ‘Supercolor’ pack. Two stripes. That contains more colors than one would even think of having to choose from.  Tear open a bag of M&M’s and you’ll still see more options in this collection than those darn ‘happy-pill’ like candies.  Ah yes, fifty colors to be exact (get your head out of the gutter… no… we’re not talking shades of grey; though that option is available…)

So, what will be your choice? Three stripes. GO.

adidas-superstar-pharrell-Supercolor-1 adidas-superstar-pharrell-Supercolor-3 adidas-superstar-pharrell-Supercolor-9

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