UNLESS YOU’RE ALREADY WORKING THAT MAGPIE “EVERYTHING GOES” SS15 TREND, it’s starting to feel quite a daunting task to distinguish yourself from the plethora of fashionistas going about their day in most any city you live in right?

Well, fear no more, we’ve got you covered! Enter GOWOOD. A company that specializes in sunnies “that are good”. Get it?! Good, because they are made of different types of high quality woods such as pressed maple, cherry, oak or bamboo. Yup! Wood. Now that’s pretty different if you ask us. And they are right there in the middle of your face.

Statement? Check.

They’re also good because they have polarized lenses. Trust us, if you’ve experienced polarized lenses you know what we’re talking about. If you’ve never seen, you’re missing out. The world looks quite different with treated glasses. And finally, they’re really good, because they’re not heavy on the nose and they’re light on your wallet. We like the idea that these sunglasses are manually assembled for optimal quality assurance. Oh, and they come in a pretty awesome, you guessed it, wooden box.

Below are some styles we fell for and a couple of vids to give you a better idea of this lifestyle brand.
So… Got wood?






‘Los Angeles’

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