WE WILL NOT LIE.  WE FIRST CAME ACROSS THE NAME IN Flare’s March issue after having stopped on the images of oversized geometric cuff bracelets that we thought were simply perfect considering the upcoming spring/summer season call back to the 70s.  Looking at the designer’s webpage we quickly fell in love with so much more.  A Canadian born designer, Martha Sturdy has drawn inspiration by the elements that have surrounded her from childhood.  From that, she has gone to create furniture, accessories and jewellery that become so much more than statement pieces but items that attract attention through their simplicity, clear and raw lines. Her site goes on to describe each material she gravitates in using and we can’t seem to figure out which we favor most.  One thing is for certain; we’ve added her name to our ‘must-have’ list.

Resin – Luminescent. Sexy. Striking; A favorite at the STURDY house.

Brass – Strong. (but) Flexible. (and) Soft; Brass is special.

Steel – Cold. Hard. Strong; Our steel is serious.

Wood – Romantic. Sensual. Sophisticated; We interpret wood differently.’



round-trays-3Round Trays

square-saSquare/Rectangle Trays



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