COLDER WEATHER IMMEDIATELY PROMPTS OUR FASHION SENSES TOWARDS AUSTERE COLOURS. Black and grey become the sine qua none condition to anything coming out of your wardrobe. It’s understandable, the weather kinda sucks and you’re feeling pretty much the same.


Get over yourself and all your preconceived ideas about what colours should be worn and when in the year for that matter. Seasons are meant to entertain you, just like your clothes.¬†While you may not be ready to take that quantum leap into effervescent chroma this frisky season, you surely could read-should at least consider colours with a muted, softer, dare we say (we know you’d like to hear it!) , neutral feel to your choices.

Pastel. Woa! That word sounds hideous doesn’t it?! We immediately find ourselves in our aunt’s living room (or worse, bedroom watching her putting on nail polish!) with all those “plasticized” furnitures in floral pastels that matched the curtains and wallpaper!.. You ¬†know! Anyways, today, that’s all over, we’re talking simmered down, freshly cut modern clothes with beautiful soft beiges, pinks, lilacs, mints, powder blues and mellow yellows to confirm all of your now hipness.

So, for real, this time, put that grey coat down and opt for the nude or periwinkle one, you’ll surely thank us in no time.


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