TWEED? HEEELLLZ… YEAH! Time to get off your high horse of fashion monotony and into the world of exciting tweed when it comes to this fall/winter. That’s right, you read correctly; exciting!  The cooler weather not only calls for warmer clothes and layers but also richer textures that ooze heavy delight.

It’s not for nothing Coco created the ultimate tweed jacket that has never left the fashion scene (you know it, we ((yes incl. the boys!)) all dream of that Chanel “tweedness” blazer), so start investing and picking pieces that you’ll soon realize can be worn for any occasion; spiff it up, buy a corporation, or down and write the next classic. High or low, fast or slow; mais vous parlez heels? Ou la la!.. Mais oui!

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A fall fashion editorial for LoveGold starring Devon from Ford Models



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