IF BEARDS ARE HERE TO STAY OR AT LEAST HERE FOR ANOTHER WHILE, it’s important to have some kind of a grooming etiquette re: your facial hair. Because it is not cool to look like the last draft of isis, or (worse?) a hipster gone wrong. If you’re going to have facial shag, baby, you’re going to have to behave, pilosity wise.

In any event, weekend scruff is in, full-on facial carpet, not so much, for us that is… But regardless, it’s undeniable that the sex appeal of a man is ever so present with a 5 o’clock shadow come this cold season. So, one needs to control the growth and cultivate (tame) it once grown. In comes Tom Ford (you got to love this guy’s sense of business), uh hun uh hun! The picture perfect designer of our hearts has, obvi, created beard oils, yup, to make their experience, a more sensually olfactory one…

Offered in three of his signature scents; Neroli Portofino (summer), Tobacco Vanille (we can’t stand vanilla but love to smoke cigars?!), and Oud Wood (oh yesss!…). And what better way to smooth-in the non-greasy facial elixir than with a tortoise gent’s fine comb? No better way, we say.

Oh and, for the love of gawd! No goatee please!

 tom-ford beard oil



Photos source: style.com

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