A COMPLETE FETISH FOR SHOES; such pretty little things that when put on, turn a drab outfit to a fun, flirtatious and time to swag your hair back and dance kind of feeling.  Flats get you to move quickly and comfortably but heels put that extra oomph in your confidence – so spoil yourself and feel good.

Time to focus, we’ve narrowed down our top 5 styles and why you’ll need to fill your closet this season with each!  Get shopping!

1. The animal print sex heel that should be worn for that first date or a recurring date with that relationship that has suddenly taken a turn toward boredom; Change it up, excite!


2. Kitten heels, oh… how WKF feels they are perfect for work attire.  Put a twist to it by picking a pair that has texture and or patent leather.  Found a pair with both qualities… a total MUST buy!

Kitten HeelReed Krakoff 

3. Glittery shoes for a glittery night.  Don’t stray away thinking they’re too fancy, quite the opposite, the mix of casual with a pop of glitter only prove you’re a gal not to be passed. Double personality, fun and daring!

Saint LaurentSaint Laurent 

4. Straps… oh how straps automatically require lace undergarments and that extra layer of sultry pout.  You can handle it.

Nicholas KrikwoodNicholas Krikwood 

5. Print, its jean day, its weekend running around ‘I’m not about to forgo my style’ kind of day.  Why go solid when you can go print?

Jimmy ChooJimmy Choo 

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