ONE SHOULD NEVER GET RID OF A BOOK.  Each, whether liked or not, captures a period in time, a memory, an escape that should be stored and kept to either be re-looked at or passed on, from one person to the other, used up by the power of time and fingers and all…  A mausoleum of knowledge; they each contain stories within a story that only the courageous few and good authors have been capable to bring forth a thought into this material world. Allowing these thieves of reality to be part of the privileged and thus, should be remembered.

What to do then with the countless books collected over time?

Our fash senses (sorta just lika spidey!) would suggest to; insure to build yourself a home library that will be deserving enough to hold such imaginative flights of fancy. All these texts that truly elevate the human experience. Right. Also, you just want to show off your kick ass reading area.

But on a more or less serious note we’d like to leave you, dearest readers, on a quote by our fav “quoter”, Oscar Wilde, here goes:

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”












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