A DINNER PARTY AMONG CLOSE FRIENDS. A CURIOUS ASTRONOMICAL HAPPENING and an unexplained, spontaneously, shattered iPhone (yeah! like that! never happens! Tsss…).

And then the blackout.

That’s the premise to this wildly inventive mind-bender sci-fi thriller film, directed by James Ward Byrkit. This one is out to fuck with you, like seriously. So much so (how much so?) it has, for us, made Rope and Gosford Park look like a gluten free, lactose free, organically a-plenty, feng shui (or foing shoing for the homies) dessert so far as dinner invites go. But sweetness turns bitterly freaky, fast, in this thrilla in suburbia. Like the big chill meets twilight zone. To write more would be to give it away. Actually, not at all, you’ll need to watch it at least(!) two times to get the gist of it. But on a metaphilosophical standpoint,  you’ll need to know, once watched;

do you know your friends?

do you k now who to trust?

do y ou kno w w hat’s r eal?

Running clearly on a very low budget (considering this industry’s ginormous average) makes this movie that much more powerful and nerve jangling with actors playing the script improv style and the editor chopping the flic with black fade ins & outs effectively. It’s an absolute tour-de-force for a would-be-play Clue 2.0 style.

You know you’ve made a quantum leap when a movie actually makes you ponder on your own life and the “Coherence” you create for it.






(P.S.: You’ll have to watch it twice!)

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