ACCORDING TO OUR STATS, YOU, OUR BELOVED READERS, LIVE IN THE NORTH WESTERN HEMISPHERE. Which means you walk in Vivaldi summer day storms and Anna Karenina winter slushy nights. We haven’t converted them all, yet! We are on our way.  When we find that perfect  go to item we feel compelled to share the love.

This Norwegian brand is certainly no exception. Its F/W ’14 collection should certainly persuade even the hardest of fashion heads. Founded in 2005 by Johan Ringdal, this Oslo-based company has in a blink of an eye, evolved from a footwear brand known for reinventing classics, such as their highly successful galoshes and loafers, which, we are fervent disipler of, to an international lifestyle luxe brand with parkas, jackets, riding boots and even brilliant one-press-open/close umbrellas in their line up. trust us, it’s wicked.

These water-friendly goods have been tried, tested and WKF seal of approval stamped as truly innovative, high-tech fashionable, lightweight and fine Scandinavian-ly designed. Booya.

Below, you will find some of our fav pieces from the ubiquitous shoes to the ingenious ‘ella (we love you Caribbean Queen!)

People, they’re called SWIMS; what are you waiting for?













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