AUTOPILOT? FOR WKF’S EYES, YES. But this is cruise control in a helicopter where your crew of ex-tugs-cum-special-ops have their gear on. Ready to jump off and storm in. Wherever the locale may be; the desert, the amazon or the tundra. When it’s SS15 here it’s FW15 there…

The beauty about this strikingly stark collection lies within its contrasts; the colour palette is basically black or white, very Tisci-esque. The fabrics worn were light and sheer as well as heavy and leathery. And while the insta-recognizable (pun intended) prints were missing, the bauhaus stripes struck again. A camo print made of flowers is our case in point. Or was it the knee-lenght clunky lace-ups paired with large shorts? Anyways, you get the picture; a love letter to the monochromatic uniform, one sleeveless DB jacket at a time.

While “par for the course” springs (haha) to our minds, we’d be disingenuous not to mention the sales friendly look of this offering starting with us and every item down that runway.




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