THE EARLY MORNING IS THE BEST TIME TO BREATH IN the crisp spring air, to smell the lilacs in bloom (… purple marks our sweet spot…), to hear the birds chirp and to sip a coffee outdoors letting the sun so gently wake you up.  No better way to start any day!

Spring is in full effect and with that we bring you Marimekko, a line for which its mood for summer 2014 ‘encourages people to manifest their personality with colors and patterns – every day.’ If you haven’t already, we highly suggest you stop by one of their stores, you’ll want to look at everything, dream of redecorating your home, you’ll come away with a gift or two for the little ones and you’ll struggle with the numerous options for yourself. Must we say it; the hats in their spring/summer 2014 collection are simply the darnest thing!

A real treat like a 3 cone ice cream (or gelato for the finer ones at heart); it becomes which flavors will you indulge in? (coconut, pistachio, and pear are our delight!)

Marimekko was created over 50 years ago with a clear idea of the future ‘one has to dream and one must stand out from the rest’.  We can confidently say they have remained true to their mission.

Another great piece of advice, have a look at the Banana Republic x Marimekko collection that has hit stores this past week in May – some key pieces for your closet can be found there.













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