WE’RE NOT VAIN. WE JUST LIKE TO WRITE ABOUT WHY OUR BEST DU MOMENT FITTING JEAN JACKET IS SO. YA KNOW, AMAZEBALLZ! REALLY IT’S GENEROSITY. HAHA, OK. But seriously, we don’t care for sites that can use WordPress and press “click” on their iPhones. We care about indisputable, international, timeless subject matter.

That’s Garance Doré.

She, we think, started low-key, maybe even shy. But bloomed into a force of (fashion?) nature. With a team (studio) that rivals her awe-struck smack-on timed ingenuity and understanding of the zeitgeist.

Here’s a dare; cut your hair short, make a youtube vid of it and actually start a trend. She did. Albeit with a great soundtrack. But the notoriety only made her more assertive in her ever charming à la française ways. While there are many (more than our egos would admit) sites that capture the world’s beauties in certainly distinct views, rare have the Cunning(ham) eyes of this blog-o-sphere we now not only virtually reside in, been as diverse, inspiring and artistic as Doré’s. Have you seen her sketches?

But it’s more than that. She’s like, for us, the grand-daddy (mommy?) of “less is more” when it comes to 2.0 content. For instance, by adding one picture and a caption on any given Saturday/Sunday’s post, she sets our imaginative fireworks, well… On fire. Like the picture below. Her picture. Add to that, for instance, a brilliant intuitive feel about small leather goods, dubbed “bite size”, get it? Macarons silly!..

So no, we’re not vain, but in our own feel-good, humble ways, we look up to Garance, everyday, for a genuine, fashionable, lifestyle.

Oh, oh yeah and in case you were living on Mars or simply in a very unfashionable city, GD is The Sartorialist‘s main squeeze.

PS: Bouya.



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