“HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN” WAS REPEATED THROUGHOUT THIS SHOW AS A SOUNDTRACK.  After the dramatic all-consuming sun-lit collection, fashion’s favourite did what most minds in the industry do: swing the pendulum completely on the other side. That is a fact. And certainly a compliment. Fashion like (as) art should speak to you, one way or another.

Serenity: this is what this collection was all about. Soft, earthy pastel hues decked this cinematic outing. The ruffles, like the clouds above the onlookers’ heads, remind us of all things aquatic and calm. Like ripples on a dormant autumn lake. Poetry in motion. Comfy, slow motion, that is.

You can take the Marc out of the Jacobs, but never the other way around.  So this lullaby show had, of course, pieces with crystal beading and new new shape shearlings circa miami vice dyes era. We loved the west coast feel headbands accentuating the clinical bobs.

Perfect clothes to wear on a rainy, autumn day, while you look through the window pane and repeat to yourself the words like a mantra: “HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN.”


source: style.com


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