IF YOU WOULD ASK US WHAT COLORS YOU SHOULD BE wearing this coming spring/summer, we would reply ‘pastels pretties by far!’ Now we’ll leave it up to you to go with hues of baby blues, greens, yellow, pinks or nudes; all depending on what suits your skin tone best though keep in mind that even in shoe wear the lighter you go the better.  To add an extra touch of ‘yeah that’s right you’ve got the trend down’ aim to pick items that have dainty prints; stripes, floral, jewels and ruffles.

Thinking this trend is too ‘girly’ for you – we think not as it can easily still be pulled off in a pastel pink full on double breasted suit or a pastel bleu pair of trunk shorts coupled with a crisp light toned blue blouse.  Wear it as you like but, though wear it!

Some looks from the March issue of Vogue China to get you going!








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