UTILITARIAN CHIC. OR THE NEW URBAN DRESS CODE, FROM BLOGGER TO CEO. A collection clearly focused on coats. Duh, its F/W and yet nobody is the wiser than wiz Wang with his heat-activated leather outerwear (changing colour while facing vertical stage vents, see video below), brilliantly and boldly forcing the hand of conservative (yes they exist!) designers and critics alike to look at the state of fashion through the technological lens.

To defy the elements you also need, arguably even more than a coat, is a pair of all weather tackling boots. Oh man! Were we served on that front as well! It’s a boot! It’s a high-heeled shoe! It’s an Alexander Wang Shoot! Posing as boots when looked on ahead, they revealed their diminutive tendencies as the models walked away. You gotta see it to love it, as we so very much did.

And then everything in between, literally. Like one-piece short v-necked jumpsuits with large puffed out pockets enabling the urbanite to retrieve all that is necessary – smart phone, kobo, keys etc. – with a flick of the flap. Gorgeous sweaters and great collar dickeys in beautiful hues. Our personal favourites were the rectangular Charlie Brown from the future dresses and the relaxed luxe leather pants with contrasting drawstrings.

A final note on the hip-hop meets electronic music choice for the show: love. Mostly for the subtle wink to Kanye West’s Blood On The Leaves¬†from his last LP, Yeezus, dropping this designer’s name in New Slaves,¬†which, admittedly we’ve become after this collection.

Like no one else.


source: style.com


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