TOM FORD 61 IS OUR DESKTOP PIC! BUT POPPING MOLLY?! WAIT. WHAT? That shit was the shit like, euh, ten years ago..! Here’s our problem: we love all things Tom Ford (praiiise!) from Gucci to the instant in which you read this, but will this texan make us lose our bet?


Joe, our good friend, you know Joe, he’s been the tireless source of great many of our posts and we thank him, so much. For last evening’s convo came at such a coincidental time, given the timely show of Ford’s fall outing, that some of us are starting to brew theories of witchcraft about him… But we digress. Our beloved thought-provoking source was suggesting that his “entry-level” TF suit (bought to get hitched) was not as good as a black label Dolce Gabbana suit or better yet that a made-to-measure TF suit would pale in comparison with, say, a classic “who dat?!” Zilli contemporary.

Enter Jay-to-the-Z. With his “drunk (in love) man playing darts” effort at a “hip hop” song about this great designer on his last opus, as in heavy and long. But we digress, again. So, it came down to a couple of models strutting down the runway wearing 60′s indebted football sequined jerseys. Cool and sexy, we’re so down with that. Throw in your date of birth as a spot on wink to your peter pan attitude towards life and fashion. Loving it. But then, you cross out “molly” to cross reference the aforementioned rapper’s song about yourself? Or worse, your commercial love affair?! Really? Wow. Inflated egos, welcome to your Roman Pantheon. So was Joe right? Is this genius reinventor selling out to the intoxicating benji success?

We think not. It’s called taking a shot at the knockoff-ers by knocking them off, again. Witty.

After all, to discuss this seemingly opposite worlds’ collision between music and fashion is to deny how long this seemingly “unlikely” (yet constant) union has been going on. More importantly, it was a collection primarily in tuned (pun intended) with the zeitgeist. You know the sport, urban, London mod, 60′s, woman takes-over-the-world-one-job-at-a-time fashion modus operandi. If you’ve seen Marc Jacobs‘ last collections, with the recent retro-pastels shearlings, mix into that Slimane’s Saint Laurent last punk chic collection and you’ve got yourself the best of all worlds. Just check out the fox coat in reference to the former and those “say no to molly Z we love you” dresses for the latter. These are all gents from roughly the same age group, a porous effect will manifest itself. And that’s a good thing.

You can’t do a “blasting all things” blazing show last season and try to top it the very next one. That’s called fashion faux pas-ing. It dilutes your last vision and even more so your present one. So a good ol’ call-and-response is always the smart way to go about up keeping your shmata credibility.

We loved the hybrid lone star boots with stiletto heels. We loved how these models were “healthy” gals. Gals that know wearing this clothes won’t make you a Bond girl.

But a Bond-like girl…





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