LOOSE. CASUAL. EASY CHIC.  THAT IS EXACTLY what we thought of, looking at the images from Vogue Spain February 2014 issue.  How does the slogan go “easy breezy beautiful cover girl!” – oh yeah!  We’re continuing to bask in the loose, away from tighty nighty ‘look at me’ looks and instead, men inspired pleated pants, pleated skirts and pleated tops.  Volume, think volume!  Wanting to remain close to your feminine roots – add jewels.  Though we must say, even in that respect we’re seeing a strong geometric feel for metal.

Oh… and gals… shall we hate stating it or shall we jump for joy, flats are in.  Yippee..! Flats are in!  Prepare yourselves.

Vogue Spain

Vogue Spain 2

Vogue Spain 3

Vogue Spain 4

Vogue Spain 5

Vogue Spain 6

Vogue Spain 8

Vogue Spain 9

Vogue Spain 10

Vogue Spain 11

Vogue Spain 12

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