AS EXPECTATIONS LESSENED, OUR REACTIONS GREW FONDER. After all the ink spilled regarding his last, first show, this collection was the one to have him and us judged adequately. You had either seen it last time around, the paradox Hedi Slimane created in the fashion world or he would have had to be a faux visionary. We were right and so was he.

Everybody wants to be a rock star. We got that. But now, we really get it.

No other designer is hitting a feverish, youthful “the world is your oyster vs. no future” note as this one Slimane is. From the rock music to the rock clothes of yesterday, fully revisited to be in perfect synchronicity with the here and now. Adding this time around more of a tailored feel with the jackets, pants and outerwear.

Jackets made from gold lamé leopard or green Lurex, fucking A! What else does one even need to wear to feel exactly as you want clothes to make you feel; like one of a kind, like the beatles, like a kid again. Of course, you won’t tackle a crowd without leather, which this collection served plenty to go with. Tight, skinny, shimmering, cropped and uber cool. The quintessence of yesterday and today. Of always.

We loved the irreverent feel of the offering with its superstar coats front and centre of it all; ranging from leopard print (Kurt Cobain would have loved this one, we think), blown-up houndstooth, metallic herringbone, tweed…

if you can’t afford the clothes, you’re probably the inspiration of such tour-de-force and if you can, the only real question is; will you muster enough courage to de-program yourself back to that inner child longing to take centre stage in the right attire, if only for one more saturday night?




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