TODAY’S FASHION FRIDAY TREND IS ALL ABOUT GLASSES.  YEAH THAT’S RIGHT; we’re hinting to the fact that glasses are cool and they should be considered as any other accessory that completes a look.  At WKF we especially love a pair that is retro, oversized, bizarre in shape and even tinted in shade.  Another great hint; consider getting your sunglasses fitted with your prescription that way… ‘I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can’ …

Have a look at this collection; a collaboration between stylist Leith Clark (founder of Lula Magazine) and glasses brand Warby Parker.  Each style is whimsical and retro inspired – our personal favorite, Marva Cobalt Leaf, we want you!

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leith-clark-warby-parker1Willow Aldabra

leith-clark-warby-parker2Wednesday Noir

leith-clark-warby-parker3Marva Cobalt Leaf

leith-clark-warby-parker4Marva Cobalt Leaf

leith-clark-warby-parker5Greta Crystal

leith-clark-warby-parker6Greta Crystal

leith-clark-warby-parker7Aurora Daughter of Pearl

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