“… YOU JUST NOTICE HIM AS SOON AS HE WALKS IN THE ROOM…” Guys, if you don’t know, it’s ok, it’s like almost too late anyways… But believe you us, if you knew or know, you’d mos def want to be Big. And as we’ve often preached from the tip of our juliette, “sprezzatura” is where it all begins and ends. So while it is fashionable (and convenient) to wear plaid and hiking boots this season, it is also time to sprezz out your gent nonchalance, by way of a cashmere sweater or a silk bow tie and everything in between. Most of the good things come from “in between”, remember that. This holiday season, step it up a notch and throw on some noble, natural fabrics; with a splash of tech, obviously. So the next time you walk into a room or attend a xmas party, you’ll be the one they all can’t wait to see what you’ve put on, only to imagine it all off…

And ladies, darlings, MR PORTER  is the only real way to go, in style that is, for the Big in your life.

Happy shopping.


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