WE’VE TOTALLY GOT YOU COVERED THIS YEAR.  IF YOU’RE LIKE US you’re left feeling overwhelmed when it comes to the holiday season.  With all the invites, getting the décor up and ready and planning those lavish meals it leaves you with little time in getting that extra special gift for those in your life.  Plus, really, who enjoys the crowds, the pushing, pulling and pressure of it all! 

We continue to bask in online shopping as it opens a world of gifts – why limit to your local store!  Oh and the best part, as it gets delivered and you find yourself opening the package it turns into a personal gift unwrapping session; totally fun!

This year, WKF has thought ‘how shall we guide our readers this holiday season?’  Well… when confused we go back to our mantra – ‘go back to basics’; and so we did!  We turned to, but of course Sex and the City; the serie that we continue to stand by and feel portrays key life moments of adulthood.  Each gift guide will thus reference a character of the series as each as we know it has its own personality, style, flare and life attitude.  Not sure on which best describes your ‘gift to person’?  No worries, turn to, don’t you just love Wikipedia… read on… here!

Be sure to check back throughout the weeks to come, what is usually a tiresome task of confusion; we’re sure will instead turn into the ultimate fun exercise. 

Tim Burton's_Nightmare Before Christmas

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