SPREZZATURA. OR “TOM FORDNESS”. YOU KNOW. For us, it’s like the wheel or, the A-bomb; nothing was the same after that. Yet, what was it that he actually did? Haters and naysayers alike would argue that he is a Texan in love with the largeness of the 70′s with a feel for quality. They’d be right! Sex sells. And the seventies were pretty much just about that! But it was also a decade where “new” developments in fashion technology were making their way and moving space with that. Like muthafuckeeen poly-est-er (even the word is self-deprecating). Cuts, finishes and colours blew wide open, literally. And that’s exactly what Drof Mot did, he brought that sex appeal back (get it!?) with all its glittery sexiness and made it with the finest materials on earth. And nothing was the same in high-end luxury ever again. The guy has a bad Jay Z song named after him for crying out loud!

But we digress…

Below a cool vid, brought to you by GQ, where you see the revivalist genius bring an artsy-fartsy 7th’ Art director to a semi-sapien form with a dash of “penguin-ess” à la Tom.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you do formal black & white; by going blue velvet on their cinematic arses.

Oh! And, #whatsupwiththedrylips?!



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