WE LEUUUVE KATE (NO NEED 4 A SURNAME), DO YOU? We loved her when she was “short” and very much at the top of the models. We loved her in her “funky cold medina” era, we loved her when she was the last woman standing and we love her now when she is still at the very zenith of her game. The eternal chameleon of fashion, we salute you.

Are you even reading us or just staring at her contorted “state” covered in diamond dust!?.. Right… Right… That’s exactly what Wallpaper ( you know, the stuff that refines you) did for their may issue, in case you missed it. With the help of famed artist Marc Quinn‘s now iconic sculpture and the very willing printing presses of long and well established Coriander StudioManifold Editions, one of contemporary art’s most distinguished publisher and distributor, released a limited-edition of 75 (that’s right, that’s all) digital prints of that thang you can’t get your eyes off. Signed, numbered and titled by the artiste himself. Pretty snazzy indeed.

According to Quinn, the image of Moss (no need for a given name), with her limbs contorted in a yoga position is “a reflection on the distortions of global media. It is not a portrait of a person but a portrait of an image twisted by our collective desires.” Woah. Loving this, we are. Let alone when the muse to translate his “message” is K.M. Brilliant.

Now that you can’t afford it, don’t you wish you were one of the lucky subscribers to our favourite ‘zine to (at least!) own the limited-edition cover?..

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