But we’ll get back to that… This cement & glass behemoth spun from mastermind André Balazs, whose behind The Standard Hotels chain. But this one is something else. While the old Cooper Square LES version has a beautiful curved white tower, this baby seems heavy on its ever so light concrete legs in the midst of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, overlooking the Big Apple with quite the impressive vistas. And here we are already at the pith and substance of our review of this already much written and spoken about empire city destination. You see, “views” are what makes this hotel loathed or, as with us, loved. Because what you do get, unlike most, if not all other hotels, is a policy of “no privacy”… So, yup, you can view the city in all it’s twinkling fragility, as it can view you in all your dangling humility. Put it this way, if you’re taking a shower, you are doing so basically for all to see. And that’s why they call it, well you get it now. So make sure you book a room with someone you’re quite comfortable with. And if you’re with a bunch of guys, it shouldn’t even matter right? RIGHT?! We argue, as we presume the visionary behind this establishment, that there’s nothing no one hasn’t already seen in this over-saturated “web-reality”, perv-driven world we now live in. Meanwhile, the lobby is stellar, as in “out of a sci-fi movie” gorgeous. While most of the rooms are petites and feature only one (king?) bed, they ooze a very mid-century hiroshima mon amour feel to them which we tots fell for. The hotel features a grill that serves “haricovertz” a.k.a. string beans. We thought you should know that. And right around the corner, is the (in)famous Boom Boom Room with some of the city’s seriously most Gatsby-esque views and moments. In the winter you can enjoy an ice rink right at the entrance of the hotel underneath the High Line, which becomes a Biergarten during the warm days. While this isn’t your typical luxury accommodation and while the staff could care less about you or the very disturbing vids projecting in the elevators, it remains to us, an architectural beauty and a bold statement to the over-glorified, clone-like high end hotels.

Now now, GO and book yourself a room.




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