As our avid, loving and loveable readers know, we are screening for your delight and time-saving pleasure all the best of  Vogue’s Panel Sessions. Recently, we laughed and fell ever more so enamoured for Alber Elbaz‘s personae.

And not unlike Lanvin’s creative genius, we felt, walking in – time and time again – a Paul Smith shop, gawking at all the fine heteroclite goods found in the store, how simply brilliant and original, whimsical and utterly english the house’s sense of retail was.

Do you own a pair of loud socks you got for xmas? They’re probably PS, aren’t they? And ever since wearing them, all you got was comments and compliments. And face it, you don’t want it any other way anymore, do you?

Well, with this video, the gorgeous interviewer gets a (sweet) stab at the knighted designer that seems to truly be fond of her. All, to our viewing enjoyment. Though there is more than Chung eye-candy in this almost hour-long tête-à-tête, we learned so much and we believe that’s exactly the point of these Vogue’s Panel sessions.

For instance – and randomly – from the top of our heads: according to Sir Paul Smith you need to get a point of view that is lateral, or as we like to say,”out of the box”. The wall we liked and mentioned in the previous Panel was seen as a possible sweater for the Brit designer. We’re loving it! He’s all about “Look & See”. Two very different things indeed. And while his ADD can’t-stop-fidgetting-for-a-second personality seems squandered, he’s actch, always right on the ball. With quotes like “Don’t dress for fashion, dress for yourself.”

The fabric designer, turned stylist, turned photographer, turned internationally renowned fashion designer, not only never let go any of the aforementioned “careers” but constantly builds his empire on these experiences and on-going loves. It’s all about continuity (like on a bike, wink), let alone in the fashion world.

Watch for yourself the brilliantly witty and fast-paced, humour-full Sir Paul Smith. Enjoy.

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