SO WE’RE SITTING ‘ROUND AN ‘OL FASHIONED LOOKING MAD MEN as shit and he drops the question on us: “Brah, so like what the fuck is in this summer?”, as he pulled on a maraschino’s tail. Obvi, the question was about; what’s a crispy gent to wear to look ace’d out and cool during these beautiful months. And it got us thinking about this spring’s trends series we’ve started putting out for your reading and intellectual pleasures. And just like the colors, that are one big bowl of Fruit Loops, this spring’s print trends is shaped to be one big Lucky Charms AND Alpha-Bits bowl at once. Let us explain: print wise, EVERYTHING GOES! Simple enough for ya’!? Well, it seems that way as far as we’re concerned. You’re a varsity cat part of the rowing team and spend your summer on the lake in critter shorts? Striped nautical jumper for those chilly nights? Good for you, you’re in style. Or wait, we got you, you’re more the jet-setting type spending the summer on the Rivera accosting your bird every night in a new quaint harbor to take in the local feel decked out in a floral silk top, plaid jacket and immaculate white trousers? You’re dandy ass is also part of the “in” club this summer. Oh aight, aight, you own a restaurant in the hippest side of town and your day only starts at 2pm with champagne on a terrace? You’re rocking selvedge jeans and camouflage galore? Get in. And you, yea you, the obnoxious one with the loud shirt and the eye-popping geometric pants, drop that paint brush, put on that art print tee and hop in, ‘cuz while you may not care, you’re still fashionable as fuck.

Now, now, GO and wear it all like you just don’t care.





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