WITH EACH NEW SEASON, IT LENDS THE CHANCE to reconnect with our closets, scan items that we haven’t worn in ages and make room for the new!  We highly encourage this exercise as exhausting as it may, be it’s an eye opener; so many pieces left forgotten and some, well, for good reasons…

Be sure to block off an entire day if you’ll want to do this exercise properly.  Be sure you’re rested as trust us, it’s mind struggling and by the end of it all you’ll want to do nothing but veg on a coach and not see another piece of clothing for a long LONG time. Well… till morning anyhow.

Put on your favorite music, grab a glass of wine and away you go!  Pull out everything you currently have and re-build.  As you add each item back in, you really question whether it’s worth keeping.  Our general rule is whatever we haven’t worn in the previous past 2 seasons; it’s time to let it go.

Categorize by theme: pants, skirts, casual dresses, night-out dresses, blouses and sweaters.  We prefer to keep our shorts, delicate tops and t-shirts neatly folded.  And of course, categorize by colour; lights first and slowly getting darker and darker, ending with black.  Don’t forget shoes, stack the pairs that you haven’t worn in a while up front, it’s amazing how the eye and arm will gravitate towards that which is easiest to grab!

Tell us, will you be doing ‘spring closet cleaning?’  What are some of your tricks?  What do you have a hard time getting rid of?

We’ll end with a recommendation by Anna Dello Russo, ‘Elimina tutta la FUFFA perchè fuffa genera fuffa!  I say this in Italian cause the word “FUFFA” is difficult to translate in English, but I try – Remove all RUBBISH because rubbish generates rubbish!’

Source: Anna Dello Ruso 

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