This was a stunning collection made for the woman that likes to look assertive, not to say mannish and just steals her beau’s double breasted banker’s pinstripes jacket and wears  it with her long folded skirt. A great mix of 80′s opulence, today’s mix bag fashions and a dash of irreverence. Cropped pants have become a staple for all of today’s trendiest closets. The mid-calf dress not so much yet but it is clearly making a comeback this season on different runways. Silk, it does the body good. We love the striped turtleneck sweater worn with a miniskirt, something timeless and mod-ish and really, if a girl’s got legs, why not flaunt them!? The designer with two famous names, if you take into account Marlon Brando and belgian beer, continued on her coat frenzy from Pre-Fall, and showcased some great oversized options. That tartan number? The only good thing we see about the weather turning cold again. And the accessories, from the wool baseball caps to the thick rubber heels (tire inspired) and the wooden-base leather clutch (love!), we want it all.



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